Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design: Below are book covers designed by Mark Buschgens. Book covers play an integral part in the marketing your book. It is what draws people to your book, makes it instantly recognizable, and leaves a lasting impression with your readers. While we are told to not judge a book by its cover, people almost always do, so make sure your book cover design stands out and makes its mark on the bookshelf.

The Essencial DISC Training Workbook

This workbook helps you unlock a deeper understanding of how you were designed and what your leadership style looks like.

Disc Assessment

DISC Assessment

Driving Through Walls – Dawn Richardson

“Driving Through Walls” is the epic biography of author Dawn Richardson. The cover displays her life journey of breakthrough, as portrayed in her bursting through the Palestinian security wall. The illustration provides a whimsical and joyous depiction of her journey of hope and the supernatural occurrences that unfolded.
Driving Through Walls
Driving Through Walls

Driving Through Walls

Driving Through Walls

Strengths Exploration Workbook

Strengths Finder