Meaning in Color

Deciphering the ways people respond to color is not an exact science. In fact, finding meaning in colors is very much a continuation of the cross-cultural process, where the culture you grew up in will undoubtedly effect the associations you instinctively make when viewing a particular color. Based on what I have found from various places on the Internet, here are some examples of how culture influences the way we respond to color. They should be considered when creating an advertising campaign to a specific region of the world. Red... Read The Rest →

Cross Cultural Design

Culture provides a framework for everything that we do.  It is the lens from which we understand and interpret the world around us.  Culture sets the tone for how we interact with others, make decisions and it subconsciously dictates what we know to be right and wrong.  Our culture is our normal. Yet there is not just one form of normal. In fact, there are hundreds that span the globe! When we step outside the framework of our culture we are typically quite shocked, and some can feel like a... Read The Rest →


What’s the deal with brainstorming? The term can seem quite foreboding as we envision a swirling, un-tameable, storm locked inside our minds. It can feel quite daunting and stressful. Yet if approached properly brainstorming can bring a peaceful calm to all that follows it. Brainstorming is all about attacking a problem from several directions simultaneously, essentially flushing out good and bad ideas alike to come up with the most viable solution. It’s about getting ideas down on paper fast without giving them a great deal of thought. Through such a... Read The Rest →

Those Who Can, Teach!

We have all heard the phrase, “whose who can’t, teach”, to spin a negative view of academics.  It is assumed that if you could actually practice what you preach…you would.  The visual design and art world in general are fields that have been targeted with this huge misconception of teaching.  The question is, why One reason for this false impression may be that teachers get sizably less money from their teaching than from their doing. A successful designer can make close to six figures a year or more if they have... Read The Rest →

Marked By Design website up and running

The Marked By Design website is officially open for business. Come check out my exclusive portfolio and design services. I offer an range of graphic design solutions, including logo design, print design and web design. I also offer special design packages that may include aspects of each, depending on your particular project needs. Share → Tweet