Graphic Design Services

At Marked By Design, we have three primary graphic design services that will cover most of your design needs. These include Logo Design, Print Design and Web Design. If your particular design project does not appear in any of the mentioned services below, get in contact with us today. We are more than happy to discuss your project in detail and find out how we can provide the right graphic solution for you.

Logo Design

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Logo DesignA logo is for identification, and is the face of a business or organization. It’s what visually connects people to your business. It is the first point of contact a person will have with your brand. A logo typically consists of a symbol (or mark), in conjunction with the business name and possibly tagline.

Logo Services Include…

Identity Design
Logo’s, corporate stationary,business cards

Brand Guidelines
Supplied as PDF or compiled as a book

* All logo design projects include three design concepts with unlimited revisions.


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Print Design

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Print DesignPrint Design deals mainly with advertising. It is a way to promote your brand through different design mediums and mechanisms. Most print design will feature a company logo, along with additional graphics to help promote the brand. There will be consistency in tone, color and typography in most cases.

Print Services Include…

Collateral Design
Brochures, Flyers, Press Ads, Annual reports, Outdoor

Print Advertizing Design
Magazine, posters, postcards, labels
invitations, Conference, CD artwork, Bookcovers etc

* All print design projects include a single design concept with up to three revisions.

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Web Design

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Web DesignWeb Design is one of the most desired graphic design services of the modern era. Everyone wants a place on the web, where they can showcase their brand and stand out from amongst competition. We design websites that complement your brand identity and display your content in a navigation friendly way.

Web Services Include…

Web Banners and Advertising
Static, HTML, Rotating GIF, E-flyer

Web Layout and Design
Usability & Interaction Design. Designed to compliment your brand.

* All web design projects include a single design concept with up to three revisions.

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