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Today most every business has a website. Web Design has become one of the most desired graphic design services of the modern era. It is in high demand. It is common now when wanting to learn more about a business, product or service, to look them up on the web. It is the fastest and easiest way to learn more about a company and what they are about. A business without a web presence is now seen as falling behind the times.

As such, great web design is becoming increasingly important and highly sought after by companies, as most all information in in the last decade has moved to the web. The website needs to be attractive and showcase the particular brand. Like most collateral pieces, the website will almost always showcase the companies logo, as well as the colors and typefaces to complement it. It is a vital extension of your brand.

At Marked By Design we specialize in creating effective, easily navigable websites that are not only attractive, but dynamically functional as well. If you are in the market for a website, or even a website upgrade, look no further. We not only design websites, but have a team that can build it for you as well. Check out our portfolio for examples of what we have done for other companies and business in the past. If you like the look and feel of a particular site, let us know when you contact us.

Web Design Styles

The overall look and feel of your website will depend largely on your brand, as well as business goals and objectives. Here are some words to get you thinking about the physical look of your website:

  • modern
  • traditional
  • fresh
  • elegant
  • technical
  • emo
  • artistic
  • Macho

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